Staff & Elders


  • Dennis Carnahan – Senior Pastor
  • Jeramy and Jolyn Sena- Worship Leaders
  • Jim Blom – Treasurer


The Elders at BridgePointe Community Church are the governing body for our fellowship. Although their ministry seems to be behind the scenes, their work is vital to the success of BridgePointe. Members of the Elder board determine the budget as well as manage the support that is designated to the church. They also serve the Senior Pastor as a support and accountability group.

They meet monthly or as needed as a group to review finances, evaluate current ministries and plan future ministries. Elders are available to provide support, prayer, and counsel for the congregation.

Elders serve a three-year term.

You can email the elders by sending an email to:

Current Elders:

  • Jim Rose- President of the Corporation
  • Lionel Austin- Chairman
  • Michael Pomes – Secretary
  • Jim Blom- Treasurer (not a voting Board Member)
  • Jeramy Sena
  • Alfred Redding
  • Kena Senegal
  • Jeff Jewsome